ired of thinking about tomorrow’s lunch at work? Fed up of the same lunch menu offered at your office restaurant? Wishing for a healthy diet, but have no time to look for quality products or spending hours over a stove? We’ve got a solution!

12 O’Clock Box is a first sustainable lunch subscription service. It is the next day’s lunch meal delivered to your house every evening. All you will have to do is to reheat it when you feel hungry. And no packaging waste after lunch as the dish comes in a reusable container which you will return to us when we deliver your next meal.

Don’t worry, you won’t get bored since we are ready to surprise you every week. Box menu changes daily depending on the season and the production offered by the local farmers. Our team is working non-stop just for healthier, fresh and responsibly grown lunch ingredients to be presented in your lunch box. The best what we can find!

We will not confine to a single food theme – in the boxes you will find inspirations from cuisines all around the world. In a nippy autumn or winter we will definitely warm up with Mexican or Thai food, and we will surely enjoy fresh Mediterranean dishes on hot summer days.

12 O’Clock Box is nutritious, delicious and sustainable lunch, perfect for home or your office kitchen.

We LOVE food. So we don’t call it healthy based only on the count of calories. We base it on quality. That is why in the middle of winter you won’t find “fresh” cucumbers or tomatoes in your lunch box. What you also won’t find is skimmed products. You are only going to find meals that are made from healthy, full fat products.

While cooking we use lots of butter and never margarine. Flour – spelt, oil for cooking – sunflower, oil for salads – extra virgin olive oil. Meat, eggs and milk – only organic or from trusted farmers. Fish – wild or organic.

Our dishes are filling and nutritious, cooked from many ingredients and SAME FOR EVERYBODY. That is why we cannot accept dietary requirements or major allergies. With that being said, if you are looking for healthy, delicious and variant food – we are your choice!