12 O’Clock Box – the only sustainable lunch subscription service.

It’s food made in harmony with nature:

Highest quality, often eco produce;
Reusable food packaging;
Sustainable food production.

We only use best quality ingredients. Organic meat that is produced by small local farmers takes biggest part of our food ration.

Our main partners: Linas Ruskys Eco Limousin farm, Kazlauskai Eco Chicken farm, Natural Farm “Po Liepa”, Fish Wish Premium Seafood.

This Menu is just an example of what can you expect to find in your sustainable Lunch Box every week.

Spaghetti with

Beef and pork meatballs stewed in a rich red sauce, where canned tomatoes, basil and sautéed onions are dancing Italian love dance. All this is crowned by non other than Parmesan cheese. This kind of lunch is a ultimate comfort food for Monday.


Chicken breast, bell peppers, kale and mushrooms cheerfully mixed in a stew of coconut and warming spicies. An excellent dish for an extraordinary Tuesday lunch.

Pulled Duck

Slow roasted duck, two cheerful salsas - tomato and tomatillo-pineapple, guacamole, challa peppers, red onions, marinated in pomegranate vinegar, crispy cabbage, sour cream and cheese - as hearty and fun as a midweek lunch should be.

Bowl with

Rice, fermented veggies, spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts and roasted shrimps. All is composed like in a picture and ready to surprise you for a meat-free Thursday lunch.

Pho Bo Soup

Beeth broth cooked for 12 hours with plenty of Asian spices, rice noodles, beef strips, and potful of fresh herbs. A delicious and healthy lunch is perfect for upcoming weekend.